Electronic Recycling

The handling, processing and recycling of electronic materials is a relatively new concept for our nation, and until recently no distinct avenues have existed to handle these materials. Electronic scrap is a valuable resource and commodity and Specialty Metals Ltd believes that these materials should not be lost to our landfills or sent off shore to countries that are ill equipped to handle them responsibly. Through knowledge, experience and relationships Specialty Metals Ltd can offer the safe and responsible recovery and recycling of electronic scrap materials.

Electronic recycling is a challenging industry in New Zealand at present – as a country we lack the ability to fully recycle most of these items domestically so they must be processed and prepared for export to worldwide markets.

Specialty Metals Ltd offers a solution for the recycling of electronic items and accepts a wide range of materials. Unfortunately not all electronic items can be economically recycled at present, so if you have an item that is not listed below please get in touch with us. We may not handle it ourselves but we may be able to point you in the right direction of where to take it!

Acceptable items for Recycling:

Circuit Boards (all grades)
PC Servers (complete)
PC Servers (incomplete)
PC Motherboards
CPU - Processors
Hard Drives
Cellphones (batteries removed)
Memory Sticks
Telecom Boards

Items we can't accept:

Televisions (any type)
CRT Monitors
Mixed Electronic Scrap
IT Plastic
Lithium Batteries
NiCd Batteries
NiMH Batteries
Analogue Telephones



Power Supplies CPUs Incomplete computers Motherboards